Curbed - Big Reveal: How Much For an 8 Bed/9 Bath in Yellowstone Club?

By Megan Barber

What: 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms
Where: The Yellowstone Club, Montana
Square Feet: 9,244
Acreage: 1.23 acres
ASKING PRICE: $13,700,000
The Skinny: Last week, we headed to Montana's Yellowstone Club for our weekly asking price guessing game. So how much does one of the private ski resort's rare base area homes go for? L&K Real Estate has the listing at $13,700,000, and 30.7% of Curbed Ski readers picked the correct ask. Many of you (33.7%) thought the home was worth a bit more at $14,900,000, and the third place ask of $12,850,000 had 23.9% of votes. Got a few million to spare and want to ski private powder? Read More >