Guest Blogger Ryan Day Thompson on Land Photography

A photo speaks a thousand words, but some photos have more to say than others. Our guest blogger and photographer that works with us, Ryan Day Thompson's insight into his recent shoot at our listing Homestead at the Beacon:

Let me explain something about land photography. As a job - as full time around the clock work - it is not easy. You haul yourself all over looking for everything to be perfect because every client (and you yourself) wants everything to be perfect (and rightfully so). Sleeping is not an option. The never ending feeling of inadequacy forces you to scan far and wide to find a scene that lines up just right. Nothing is ever perfect and the scene rarely lines up anyway. You settle for second best most of the time.

And then the weather. Let's talk about the weather. It rains all day. The clouds refuse to cooperate. Something always goes wrong. It's either too clear or too cloudy or too hazy or too______. It's a constant battle. Once you find the scene, and it can take hours and sometimes days to find the scene, you sit and wait and wait and wait for it to be passable.

Photo © Ryan Day Thompson, 2016 |

Photo © Ryan Day Thompson, 2016 |

I found this scene on a ranch recently early in the afternoon. It was cloudy and flat but the scene was perfect. I stood around. The hours passed. My thoughts started drifting towards dinner and shots of Tito's but I hung on "just in case" because as Yogi Berra has said, "A sunset isn't over until it's over," (or that's what he should have said anyway.)

At the last hour, in the final minutes, I noticed a slight change in gradient at the horizon. A gap. For twenty minutes the sun snuck through and all hell broke loose. I waited five hours for this shot. It was worth it. It wasn't easy but it was definitely worth it.