Harvest & Huns: A Day At Rahn Grain Farms

By Jim Toth

It took just 30 minutes to get from Bozeman to the Rahn's place.  We geared up on the western portion of the 3300 acre farm and promptly left the world behind.  Phil and Steph cut their springer, Nella loose and we watched her get to work.  Right away she was on point.  One of the days many covey of Huns got up and we had our first birds.  This continued all day as we walked the draws and field edges with the Bridgers and Spanish Peaks as backdrops.  Pretty special.

This western parcel of the farm isn’t visited often, just spring and harvest. Being named the Silver Sage Ranch at one point is appropriate as the hills and draws are covered in tall grass and brush between the stubble fields.  Building on the Rahn’s excellent land stewardship, I realized adding just a few food plots will create outstanding upland bird and deer habitat that already delivers productive terrain for hunter and dogs alike.

We then passed by the eastern parcel, blocked up nicely for crop production.  It contains the farmstead with its quality home and the necessary shops, outbuildings and grain storage.  During harvest, the place was abuzz.  Early spring rains made for a good harvest.   On a place like this, you could continue the cash flow from the grain operation and develop wildlife habitat, all while land banking a portion of it for possible residential development in the future.

Some of my best days in Montana are spent walking after dogs, on the scent and excited to be doing what they live and train for.  The Rahn Farm offers that opportunity and more.